Hawaiian Chocolate Bar - Award Winning

Hawaiian Chocolate Bar - 

Because we know you find it hard to believe a soap company can make the world's best chocolate.  We were surprised too. So let us explain...

In addition to the soap company we created Kokoleka Lani Farms (kokoleka is chocolate in Hawaiian) in Holualoa.  We started with 200 cacao trees and increased it it to 1500 with an additional 300 coffee trees.  In 2005 Kona Natural Soap was formed and we discovered by accident that part of the chocolate making process worked well as a natural ingredient and added natural colors, scents, and exfoliants to our soap. Since then we have created 9 different chocolate soaps to our soap line.

We've always grown and processed chocolate at our chocolate farm but we never had an actual chocolate bar.  Beginning in 2018 with the help of a fermenter and confectioner we began the process of creating our own chocolate bar and later that year we introduced our first Kokoleka Lani Chocolate Bar to the public.  We were approached by the Salon Du Chocolat to participate in the "Best in World" chocolate competition and in October 2019 we won the award for best chocolate in the world.

About the Product - 

Kokoleka Lani Chocolate is very unique.  Our award winning beans are an Upper Amazon Trinitario/Forestero hybrid unique to Hawaii Island.

The beans are carefully fermented in elevated wine casks and temperature measurements are taken every 12 hours to make certain that fermentation temperatures are done properly.  If the fermentation is not at the desired temperature, wine yeast is added to maintain an optimal fermentation result.

The beans are small batch roasted to avoid over roasting or scorching and then ground in stone malingers for 48 hours.  Unlike commercial chocolate, this creates a smooth texture with no grit or unbalanced texture to the finished chocolate.  Commercial chocolate producers conch roasted cacao beans into chocolate liquor that sometimes has unsatisfactory texture.

The chocolate liquor is then tempered with Cane sugar and molded into a 50% or 70% cacao chocolate bar.  The 50% or milk chocolate does contain a powdered milk product. 

When you break open a bar of Kokoleka Lani Farms dark chocolate, push the piece onto the roof of your mouth and allow it to melt.  Breathe in through your mouth and allow the aroma and taste to permeate your olfactory gland and taste buds.  Savor the flavor like a sommelier is serving you a fine red wine.  Enjoy.


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Hawaiian Chocolate Bar.  Each bar weighs 2.2 oz.  

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