Gift Box 6 Bar Set Real Bamboo (Lavender Set)

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This bamboo box is the latest in our gift box collection with our famous turtle and island outline logo engraved on the top.  Choose between a natural color or a dark stressed look. They make a wonderful gift for anyone anytime of the year.  This six-bar set includes all of our best lavender soaps.  It includes Alana, Hanu Nui, Kilalika, Lau Nahele, Loke and Poni Ala.  If a selection is not available we'll substitute something in the same category.  The box is entirely made out of bamboo.  The darker of the two has a more stressed appearance and the natural color has more of a refined and modern look.  All boxes are stained and/or varnished and each is lined with felt.  Includes a magnetic closure to prevent it from sliding open.  Dimensions are  8.25"x 4.00 x 2.25.  Made from sustainable bamboo.  Imported.


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